Being a medical student – the short introduction

To be a medical student is not the same as being flawless. We’re not perfect human beings, because we’re humans too.

A lot of people looks at me as a genius that’s crazy smart and with a lot of knowledge about deseases and treatments, and all that stuff. The reality is very different. We choosed to go to medical school because of the skills we had in school. We were good in physics, math, chemistry and biology. And most of us loved biology and were really interested in the aspect of the human biology and body. I hated french, did not like grammar. In gymnastics I was OK and that was it. I like people, and to talking to them. I really want to help those in need of help, and that combined with the love of biology made medical school is a great choice.

When people ask me if I know what’s wrong with them, because their sick, I have to admit that I only know a lot about cells. A lot. And that’s it. I also know a little bit about the heart, but I have to cut you open to tell if there’s a problem there. So I guess they prefer I don’t.

I love life, and I choosed to become a doctor based on my skills and what I wanted to do for a living. It didn’t have anything to with the money or the power. I also have to tell people that I’m really not that smart, and everyone that has been with me on a quiz-team knows that.

There is a lot of reading in medical school, but I studied law for three years, and that was really hell, compared to medicine. And in medicin things fit together and somehow it’s logical. You can sometimes trust your intuition. Law was law with rules made by different people with no logical comparisons to help you. But i liked law as well, but too much grammar for my taste.

Become a doctor for the right reason, and being a student in medicin, law, nursing or whatever, is what you make it.

Today’s tech gadget – LotusGrill

If you love to go on picnics in the park, this is the product for you! I love the tast of real grilled meat instead of gass grilled meat. But there’s a lot of work bringing a charcoal grill to a picnic! Believe me, I’ve tried. And if you choose to buy one of those cheap «one time use only» barbeques on the store, the result is often raw or burnt. But British LotusGrill has the answer to all our problems.

The LotusGrill is a smokefree charcoal barbeque you easily can bring to a picnic in the park, or at the beach, or wherever you wanna go. It’s ready in 5 minutes, and it’s actually a fan built in it that’s electric, which helps you regulate the temperature. It’s always cold enough to carry on the outside, and it’s just amazing. I love my LotusGrill. And the regular size is big enough for a family.

I recommend to buy the grillhood for 60 pounds extra, because it will make the grill so much more effective! The LotusGrill in the original size is 150 pounds, and with it you get a carry bag to easily take it with you wherever you wanna go! Check out the link below!

Today’s parent-friendly gadget – Sleepytroll

Every parent has been there. When the buggy stops moving the baby wakes up. So what if someone invented something that made that problem disappear. Well, someone did!

Sleepytroll is a great baby rocker that you easily connect to any stroller. It has a sensor mode that makes it start if the stroller starts to move because the kid is moving or it starts to cry.

Sleepytroll has a pricetag of 1500 NOK, so about 150 dollars, but it’s totaly worth it. The world should thank the norwegian Ståle Flataker for making a great product that’s going to save a lot of parents from getting carpal tunnel syndrome, after all the stroller rocking. Click and buy! Check out the link below!

Today’s tech gadget – Google nest home max

A lot of you guys have seen the google home, or the google home mini, the nest home mini and the google nest hub. But now it’s here, the google nest hub max!

I loved the old google nest hub. It’s great to find recepies when you’re making dinner or baking. And it’s also great to cast movies to it from viaplay while you’re making the food. I love the Google nest hub, and when I suddenly saw the nest hub max I got really excited! Now they have made the screen as big as an iPad screen, and it also now contains a camera so you can make videocalls with duo. It’s amazing. Now it is going to be so easy to just make a quick videocall to family while I’m making food or doing other stuff. I love the new features. The speaker is better than on the last nest and that’s great news! An other nice feature is the picture frame that I really love. It gives me a slide show during the they of pictures I’ve decided to show! Love it! You might think it’s like an iPad, but it’s really not. It’s smart and voice controlled. And also a lot cheaper! The price is 229 dollars, and it’s really worth it if the speaker is good! And the best thing with the max, if you wave the hand in front of it, it will lower the volume! That’s a cool feature! Check it out on the link below! (Sorry it’s an ebay link, but the link to didn’t work)

Google nest hub max

Today’s parent-friendly gadget – Cybex e-Priam

Strollers was developed in 1733 by William Kent. The Duke of Devonshire wanted him to build a transport that actally could carry his children, and he did. The first baby carriages were sold in the 1830s in US and already in 1840 it was very popular. After this the stroller has been a necessary device for parents. The one really must have item that we spend a fortune on. And like everything else, the stroller now has become electrical with the Cybex e-Priam.

Everyone that have had a kid knows that driving a stroller can be heavy. Uphill, downhill, with one arm while the other arm is carrying the other kid you have. Or while driving one kid in the stroller and the other on the «sibling-board» connected to the stroller. Those are the worst! So when we hear electrical stroller, we get excited, then we see the pricetag and the excitement disappears. But then we remember that strollers are crazy expensive anyway, so the excitement is back on.

The Cybex e-Priam can use the motor to break downhill, help you uphill end also help you on the flat. Then it’s a lot easier to just use one hand on the stroller. You can of course disconnect the engine and use it like a regular stroller, but when you first buy a 1700 dollars stroller (yeah you heard me, 1700 dollars) you use the engine! You use it till it dies! And then you use the warranty – repeat. It’s also a beautiful stroller with brown leather, black and gold. It looks like 1700 dollars, and sometimes it’s nice to own something beautiful even though the rest of your life is a mess! Check out the link below, and buy!

Why is becoming a doctor so important to me?

That is a question I often ask myself. And my first thought is that I wish it weren’t. For ten years I’ve been studying and I wish I just had a job. But still I want to be done with my studies. PNES gave me a real set back, and i had to start all over again. After 3 years I had to start from scratch. I really want to be a doctor. It’s not for the power or the money. My simple answer is that it’s who I am. I don’t wanna become a sergeon or work at the hospital. I want to be a general practitioner. To work with the same people for years and try to help them through life. Help them when they need it and talk to them when that’s all they need. I really interested in the human body and find it both amusing and interesting. I love what i study. I don’t care if it will take me years, because of PNES, because it’s something I really wanna do. And I also really want to show my kids that if you never give up, you can make it!

Today’s parent-friendly gadget – Babybrezza formula pro

You’re young, insecure and you’re new to the whole baby thing. The mom doesn’t have enough milk and you need to start with the infant formula. You go to the kitchen, mix it, is it too hot? too cold? Is there any lumps left? For a insecure vulnerable mom and dad, new to being a mom or dad, and a provider, this is really scary. It can be the drop that makes it all fall apart. So therefore we thank God that babybrezza has the solution, and now also with a pro edition.

Formula Pro Advanced Wifi Baby Formula Dispenser – Only Available in the USA

Babybrezza formule is like an fully automatic coffee machine, just with infant formula instead. You put the bootle into the machine, and it mix, warm and prepare the meal perfectly for you. One thing less to stress about. One thing less to think about. It’s genius. And with the new babybrezza formula pro you actually can start the machine from your phone! Just stay seated in the couch! That’s so worth it! For 250 dollars the machine is yours and your life is easy and full of happiness! The normal edition, not pro is 200 dollars. Check out the link below!

Today’s tech gadget – Monster X

It might be a strech to call today’s gadget a gadget, but it’s amazing anyway. I’m always out of power on my devices, and with the new smartphones it’s hard du be on a hiking trip for a week. My Nokia 3310 lasted for a week, but my iphone 11 pro max almost last a day. You can use solar power, but how easy isn’t it to just carry a ultra heavy huge battery that can power up your phone and computer. Or the car, if you’re really desperate! I mean, when you’re first at basecamp you will not regret that you brought the battery. You might regret it on the way there and on the way back, but when you’re first there, you’re probably really really happy about it! For about 700 dollars you can get one now at indiegogo, and that is with 48 % off, so it’s the deal of a lifetime. Check out the link below!


Unsuccessful. A part of my blog name. A part of me. Being a medical student and unsuccessful might for many of you sound like contradictions, and that is also the point. Spot on. I’m an unccussesful medical student. I’m a smart guy, but still that’s not enough. A lot of the guys I’m studying with are unsuccessful. They mostly think thhat they’re perfect, but they aint. They struggle with stress and with always trying to succeed and be the best. Every day is a fight, every moment so important, but their lifes are som empty. There’s no focus on herr and know. The only time students manage to think about here and now, and enjoy it, is with alcohol at a party. But most of the time students think about their great future, and the medical students are the best at it. Medical students need a more liveable life were also today matters and the next day, and the day after that, and so on so on. Live your life guys! That’s also why I speak up for getting kids during long studies. Students sometimes need distractions, and with a kid there’s hard not to be distracted. Therefore it’s perfect.

Life is short and brutal. You never know when it’s gonna end, but rememver to think: « If I die today, was it all worth it?» If not, change something.

Today’ tech gadget – Freebord 5-X

When I still was a teenager, the waveboard came to the streets. I thought it looked really cool to ride, so I bought one, learnt to ride it and became a decent rider. But one thay I suddenly understood the truth. Waveboarding wasn’t cool, it was just geeky. So my dreams of boarding the big streets of Oslo with my ride vanished along with my assertiveness.

But today I’ve found a new generation of boards. I’m going to build my self up again and be the cool, too adult guy boarding the streets of Oslo with the kids. Today I found the Freebord 5-X. It gives some of the same features as the waveboard and the same feeling downhill. I’m really excited to try one, and I hope it’s going to be both fun and really easy. Like really easy! With a pricetag of 280 dollars on Indiegogo it’s not the cheapest board you can buy, but probably one of the funniest! Check out the link below!

Today’ parent-friendly gadget – Infento rides

As you already might have guessed I love creativity. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and see results. The product is directly connected to your brain, because you made it. Your skills made it. If you’re following a manual or not doesn’ matter, because in the end it’s you that did it. And if you can bring your kids into the world of creativity, they will cherish it for the rest of their lifes!

Today’s family-friedly gadget gives you and your kids tons of fun. Infento is what you can call an advanced lego kit, and what you build is rides your kids can play with and use. Skateboards, kicking bikes, gokart, snowbike, regular bike and more, much more! I love it. And the different rides are so cool! You choose a bulding kit and with that kit you know which rides you can build. Let the kids select and build it togheter! And one of the kits you can buy actually contains an electrical motor you can use on the rides! How great isn’t that!? With a price range from 300 dollars up to 650 dollars it is pretty expensive, but it’s also extremely cool! Check out the link below, select a set and buy!

So tired, but it’s still sunday!

The weekends are holy! It’s the time where all stress is put aside so you can focus on living the richest and most fulfilled life that is. I love weekends! Life is all about getting the most out of the little time we have on earth. After I got kids the time has just disappeared and I want it to stay. Therefor I’m tired, but not in bed. I don’t want the monday to start. A new week with stress and work and tons of things you have to do. I just want to have more time being home with my family. Spending qualitytime with them, and just being around them. The Corona-virus has changed a lot for the worse, but I do see my kids more than I did before. I spend more time with them. And for every day that passes by there’s just harder and harder to understand why I’m stressing around in my day to day life, when all I wanna do is being around my kids and my beautiful girlfriend. I just wanna sell everything I have and buy a sailboat and travel around the world. Relaxing, breathing and living for the right reasons! It have to be the right thing to do! I’m sure that if there is a God above, he did not plan to make humans like robots, stuck in rutines with equal lifes and equal goals in life. Get a job, get kids, a house, a car and be dept free when you die – new generation – repeat.

I hope one day that I’m going to be brave enough to live my life as I actually want it. But till that day I will cherish every moment I have with my kids and family, and enjoy every second I have on this little planet called earth.

Today’s family-friendly gadget – Nachfolger HY5.1 TT

To travel with kids is an art. It’s so hard to know how to do it right, but when you manage to do it, it is beautiful! But to travel with kids is also a huge responsibility. Around the world there’s a ton of different ways to drive «safe». But you want your kids to be safe, like for real. Today’s gadget is all about that!

Hello nachfolger HY5.1 TT! With a name as german as a name can be. This is a car seat you can bring around the world, that actually offers the same safety as the car seat you have in your own car at home! This is an amazing self-inflating car seat weighing in at only 4,6 kg! And you can seriously bring it around the whole world! It fits every single car in the world and you can also use it on the airplane! Your kids will sit with their back facing the driving direction and be as safe as it can be. AMAZING ISN’T IT!? The price is 350 euros, and it’s worth it! You can’t set a price on safety. Check out the link below!

Today’s tech gadget – Zero Breeze Mark 2

Really hot summer days is the worst that can be. The desperation that arise when you don’t manage to chill down. Sometimes all you need is love, and aircondition.

Today’s tech gadget is actually something boring, it’s an aircondition. But there is a twist! It’s a portable effective aircondition that can run on batteries for 5 hours. You can of course buy extra batteries. Think about all the possibilities. Glamping with a cold tent, sunbathing with a cool breeeze and if you don’t have an aircondition in the house you can use it where you need it. You do not need batteries inside, so it can run for as long as you like. Genius!

But there’s a catch. A pretty big one, I would say. The pricing is actually 1099 dollars, and that’s on sale, retail price is 1599 dollars. But when desperation is big enough I guess.. Check out the link below, and remember that a cool night is a good night!

Today’s parent-friendly gadget – Makeway

In these quarantine days we need something fun to do with our kids. We want to do something that’s both fun for the parents and the kids, but it’s really hard. Makeway have the solution to your problems!

We have all played with marbles, but Makeway takes it to the next level. Build it essy everywhere in the house. Have fun and enjoy! Pricing is from 49 dollars up to 299 dollars, depending on how much you wanna buy. Check it out in the link below!